Monday, November 17, 2008

One Day More

Tomorrow the members of the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee will decide whether to strip Senator Lieberman of his Chairmanship positions or if they will Let Joe Stay. What can you do to help? Call your Senators and the members of the Steering and Outreach Committee and tell them that removing Senator Lieberman would be an act of extreme pettiness, unbefitting the new political environment which President-elect Obama wishes to create. Loyalty and friendship are virtues to be desired, not disparaged. Simply put, Senator Liebrman should not be punished for endorsing and campagining for his close friend, Senator John McCain.

Don't have the time? Download the official Let Joe Stay letter and fax it to Senator Harry Reid at 202-224-7327. It is our job to make our voices heard.

1 comment:

Kitten21 said...

Great letter. I wish I found this site two days ago! Well, I'll save the letter for the next time someone threatens to throw out Lieberman... which will probably be tomorrow.