Monday, November 10, 2008

Crashing The Party: Powell v. Lieberman

I have heard the argument that the problem with Sen. Lieberman’s actions was not that he endorsed John McCain, but that he was critical of Senator Obama while doing it. However, when Former Secretary of State Colin Powell crossed party lines to endorse Senator Obama, he was hailed as a man who put country above party. What is ignored is Powell’s criticism of McCain while endorsing Obama. As the Washington Post pointed out:

Powell said he had watched both Obama and Sen. John McCain in the last “six or seven weeks,” since the national political conventions, and paid special attention to how they reacted to the nation's worsening economic situation.

“I must say, he seemed a little unsure about how to approach the problem,” Powell said of McCain.

“He didn't have a complete grasp of the economic problems we have.”

Powell also expressed concerns about McCain's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. “I don't believe she's ready to be President of the United States, which is the job of vice president,” Powell said, adding that it raised “some questions in my mind” about McCain's judgment.

Clearly Colin Powell can endorse whoever he chooses, but was his criticism of Senator McCain any harsher than Joe Lieberman’s criticism of Senator Obama? No. Moreover, Powell’s criticism can easily be seen as a veiled attack on McCain’s age. However, when Senator Lieberman endorsed his good friend and in doing so criticized Senator Obama’s perceived lack of experience, he is threatened with losing his Chairmanship positions. Why it is acceptable for Republican Colin Powell to criticizes his party’s candidate and endorse the opposition, but Democratic/Independent Senator Lieberman cannot do the same?

Double standard anyone?

Contact Senator Harry Reid and tell him to Let Joe Stay!

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jmacatty said...

There is no double standard here. The Democrats are reacting to an active party member, in office, criticizing the leader of the party. Powell is not in a party leadership position right now, and I dare say, never will be again, why? Because he criticized McCain, and backed Obama. And if you think that no one criticized Powell, for betraying the Republicans, think again. Limbaugh and his ilk were all over it.

Anonymous said...

If Powell were in the senate, i would expect him to be punished by his party.

Just as I expect Joe L to be. Either you are in the party, and support the party, or you are not.

If you won't stand up for your party, then you should not expect your party to stand up for you.

Michael said...

What a really bad idea!
‘Mounting a blogsite campaign to forgive Joe Lieberman his political indiscretions and betrayals… “simply because he chose his friendship with John McCain over party politics” ‘as the Mark Smith commentary puts it.

How bad a politician do you have to be to get thrown from your post as chairman to an important committee? Has this modern day Benedict Arnold shown remorse?

Did Hillary bolt to address the Republican Convention because she lost her party’s nomination ‘and in deference to ‘her friendship’ with John McCain?
Of course not! Hillary has integrity. ‘Quite unlike Joe Lieberman.

Let Joe Stay said...

"Limbaugh and his ilk were all over it." -JMaccatty

I don't give to much credence to what Limbaugh has to say (most people don't). He speaks to/for a small (yet vocal) segment of the population. Most Republicans didn't condemn Powell for crossing party lines. They merely shrugged and said "that's his opinion." I can understand why would be calling for Senator Lieberman’s head, but for Harry Reid to have done so seems to be an example of a double standard.

zarf said...

and so it goes when the comments are better than the blog. we who believe that joe should throw himself on his sword, or drink the hemlock are offering all the good sense here.

Stefan said...

How on earth could it be a double standard for Harry Reid if Republicans may or may not do something? He'd have that only if he'd criticize the Republicans for stripping Powell of position of power within the Republican party. That however would be entirely reasonable.

Seriously - are you for real or are you just making fun of us, with ever more ludicrous justifications for Lieberman?

Let Joe Stay said...

"Seriously - are you for real or are you just making fun of us, with ever more ludicrous justifications for Lieberman?" -Stephan

Well, I do like making fun of you (hee hee) but I am for real.