Thursday, November 13, 2008

We’ve Been Discovered: Our Very First Interview!

The Connecticut news website, CTNews Junkie, has written an article about the blog. Check it out!


Benzion said...

Great interview. You made your case well. I can't believe that they are so many people out there who believe that a politician should just toe the party line rather than do what he believes in. No one thinks that Lieberman supported McCain for some personal gain. He’s well known to stick to his principles even when it's not popular among the Democrats. Even after being betrayed by his party in the primary he still caucused with them, giving them a majority. Everyone knows of Lieberman’s independent streak which is probably why he won re-election so no one can say that he somehow betrayed his voters - after all, he's not technically a Democrat anyway.

Cabral Williams said...

This notion that Lieberman was betrayed by the Democratic Party in the primary is absurd. From what I recall, many Democratic senators supported Lieberman in the primary, but once the Democratic voters of Connecticut chose Ned Lamont instead, many of these senators rightfully, in my opinion, backed the Democratic candidate that the Democrats of Connecticut selected.

And no one is telling Lieberman he has to leave the caucus, he is just being told that there are consequences behind his actions. He is being told that he cannot do whatever he likes and then expect the Democrats to be bullied by his threats. If Joe Lieberman independently decides that he is going to leave and caucus with the Republicans because he cannot have his way, then fine. He won't be missed and the people of Connecticut can decide what they want to do with him in 2012.

Let Joe Stay said...

"And no one is telling Lieberman he has to leave the caucus, he is just being told that there are consequences behind his actions." - Cabral Williams

They were talking about expelling him, until they realized that they may actually have the filibuster-busting number of 60 Senators, in which case Lieberman suddenly became an asset. So, since they can't expel him, they're discussing stripping him of his Chairmanship positions. This is an example of revenge for the sake of revenge. No one likes a sore loser, but a sore winner is even worse.